Sword & Poker Critique

The arena of handheld RPGs is sparse, when compared to the full-sized epics situated on PCs and consoles, when a good one happens, pocket gamers should jump. Sword & Poker, from Japanese publisher GAIA, can be a game worth jumping on, and on sale for $1.99 (reg. $5.99) within the App Store last week to promote the discharge of Sword & Poker 2, out soon.
To be clear, Sword & Poker is not truly an RPG, nor can it be really a card game. Rather, it borrows components from both genres to produce an interesting puzzle game experience that blends together many increasingly-common gameplay elements in to a fairly cohesive package.
Each a higher level Sword & Poker is arrayed outside in over twenty distinct dungeon stages caled Floors. On each floor, your character can move toward various monsters to fight them and collect coins and prizes. The coins and prizes are employed to alter your character and her abilities in combat, from offering you magic spells make use of to new armor and equipment that can help deal more damage and turn into alive when you traverse the dungeon.

Battles form the bulk of the gameplay in Sword & Poker. Using a hand of four years old cards, your livelihood is to build hands on a 5-by-5 grid onto which 9 cards happen to be dealt. By placing two cards to the grid, you make a poker hand, like a pair, straight or full house. Your character alternates turns creating hands against a dungeon monster, each of you chipping away in the others' life total. The stronger the hand you create, the greater damage one does.
The gameplay is very unique and innovative, and is particularly packed with little details and nuances that unfold since you continue throughout the game. In later levels, paying close focus to the equipment you happen to be using plus the type of enemy you're facing becomes additional critical, nevertheless the game's pacing does an outstanding job teaching you new elements when you move from floor to floor.

The app loads immediately and enables the playback of your personal music during gameplay, even though the built-in background tracks are suitable for setting the atmosphere. The graphics for that game really are a bit hit-or-miss: some players will adore the hand-drawn style, while others will be powered down by it. Everything within the game is drawn rather simply, instead colorfully. Regardless, the presentation is quite solid and well-done.
The game comes with a multiplayer mode, that permits two players to learn against each other. This mode suffers a tad on the iPhone due to smaller screen, and then for lack of customization options. Done over bluetooth or wifi, a multiplayer mode such as this could be a a nice touch (particularly if each player hasn't been allowed to see their opponent's hand). Sword & Poker may possibly also work well on an iPad for multiplayer play.
Is Sword & Poker worth your $1.99? For the countless hours of gameplay you'll be able to pull out from it, to be able to change and craft your character as well as the innovative, unique gameplay elements, it's also a bargain at top check here dollar. Sword & Poker is amongst the best puzzle titles available for that App Store.
Download Sword & Poker from your iTunes App Store.

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